3d Concrete Printers

The printing equipment is now turning into a robot. Of course, this revolutionary development finds itself in the construction industry. Nowadays, many academic institutions and firms in the United States and China are researching three-dimensional printed structures.

Concrete; It consists of fine aggregate, cement, water, special additive and composite fiber. With the use of 3d concrete, the cost is 20%, 25% of the material used and 50% reduction in labor is expected. Also, the energy consumption is expected to decrease by 90%. Electricity, water and heat installation can also be done through robots. Consequently, more economical homes can be made in a shorter time thanks to a three-dimensional concrete printer. The project is about whether the buildings made with this technology are all alike. Even the walls are very easy to make curves, so the design can be freer.

A group trying to develop new ways to produce large scale concrete structures using 3d printing technology; First, the ready-mixed concrete is sprayed in the desired way with the help of robotic arm and the produced structure is laid on the base of the grain-grained backing material sprayed with another instrument added to the end of the same robotic arm. In this way, a high density concrete structure is obtained. The completion of each print is approximately 6-7 hours. Thanks to this spray system, different forms can be obtained, unlike traditional flat and vertical forms. Now, thanks to the 3d concrete printer, window-building harmony is said to be in a different way than today. So in the future, thanks to the 3d concrete printer, we will have the opportunity to build buildings that we cannot even imagine.

3d Concretes made with 3d concrete printer technology; Although it is worrying about disabling the workforce in the construction sector, this new technology, together with new business areas, is shown as the pros of this technology.

Ali Bayram

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