Who is Sitki Kocman?

The history of our university, which we lost on Friday, 14 October 2005, is the patron of the benevolent person, Mr. Sitki David Kocman.
Sitki Davut Kocman was born in Besiktas district of Istanbul on 13 November 1328 (1912). Father of the grandfather of Skopje Kükcuoğlu Davut Bey, father of Atatürk’s classmate, gendarmerie general, and Mr. Ali Kemâğlu; His mother is also the daughter of Mr. Ismail right Bey of the Palace doctors, Mrs. Behice.

In the elementary school Besiktas Şiktib, Sitki David Kocman, the father of Atatürk in agreement with the gendarmerie commander of Amasya, on 22 February 1919, the appointment of Amasya; He completed his primary and secondary education here. Sitki Davut Kocman, who started as a boarding student in Kastamonu High School in 1923, entered the exam with the University of Zonguldak mine M.Sc. in 1926-1927 academic year and graduated first in 1930-1931 academic year.

Sitki David Kocman was the first company to find and operate chromium mines in Turkey between the years of 1932-1939, and worked as director and engineering in Gocek enterprises of the British Stanley Paterson.

1935-1936 years as a substitute officer in the Çorlu Employment Battalion, Sıtın David Kocman, who served as a military service on May 22, 1937, the father of Atatürk and Sitki David Kocman, Ali Kemâl Kocman, retired Major General Nazif Khan Her daughter, Fatma Mefharet, married the Lady, and the daughter of this marriage, on September 16, 1939. Born on February 23, 1943, he was the son of the precious economist Ali Kocman, who successfully conducted the presidency of Tüsiad between 1980-1985 and died on 28 March 1999 at the young age. Dear wife Mefharet, the lady died in Istanbul on 9 August 2004. Koçman, who came to Istanbul upon the closure of Gocek Business, founded two companies in 1940 and was put into commercial life:

1) Orient Transport Company;
2) Sitki Kocman and Associates import and export company. June 1941-December 1942 between Bursa 5. 1.5 years old at the disposal of the corps; In 1945, Koçman, who was a reserve officer for the second time, turned to commitment affairs on his return. The Flintstone required for the melting of copper first

Ergani Copper enterprises that were closed because it was not found has entered the job of removing and transporting lighters.

Between 1943-1947, Zonguldak has undertaken the job of supplying and transporting mine poles to coal enterprises.

In 1948 he made the construction of Erzurum-Khorasan Railway as Taşaron. Furthermore, the chromium mines that do not work until this year have taken the business of Fethiye Karabaklik chromium mine upon the establishment of the ruling decision; But the ores that have been downloaded to the shore have not been able to be exported in a healthy way because there is no ship. As a result of the representative and chromium agreement with the German Krupp company since 1949, Krupp has agreed to import all of the chromium mines from Iran from Turkey and to make a ship to Kocman in return; However, in those days, the trade exchange process, which was prohibited by the Government, was subsequently granted by the Prime Minister Adnan Menderes government on the permission given by the Turkish shipping vessels and thus in 1952 Koçtug Shipping and Trading Co. is established.

Sitki Davut Kocman, from 1952 onwards Koycegiz Kromlari A.Ş., Bursa Toros Kromlari A.Ş., established Kıra Kromlari Ltd. Şrk.

Sitki Davut Kocman’s main major breakthrough in the Turkish industry is in the automotive sector. He was a partner with the British in 1957, in Izmir, BMC Industry and Ticar

ET A.Ş. and established its facilities. These facilities are the first integrated automotive production facility in Turkey. For the first time, diesel auto-motor foundry was established and the first diesel engine was built. In addition, automobiles, trucks, vans, tractor production was carried out. Due to his success in this area, he was British Queen II in 1973. The “Supreme merit engagement” was given by Elizabeth.

Koçman, who pioneered the poultry industry since 1960, is a common sunny chicken farm with Israel Yavne Kibutzu and a packaged, manufactured and semi-finished chicken meat in our country, introducing Bandırma Banvit A.Ş.; Again, the Israeli habic company produces common fennî chicken feed in Istanbul, Topkapi feed Sanayi A.Ş.; Banvit Vitaminli Feed Industry Co., Ltd.; Bursa Vitaminli feed Industry Co., Ltd.; Bolu has established a vitamin feed industry inc. Today, Bandirma and BURSA facilities are active.

Sitki Davut Kocman has also entered the production of the first poultry industry in Turkey alongside Tavukculuk, and with the Israeli habic company, Dr. Benthvim, co-owner Topkapi Kimya Ilâç Sanayi A.Ş. (Topkim). Topkapı Agrokim Inc. later in the field of agricultural medicine Med Ilâç A.S., also in the field of Beşerî Pharmaceuticals; Akkardan-Sa for automotive side industry products with Sabanci Group; He has established Teksan A.Ş. which manufactures truck Janti with KOC Group.

Besides its pioneering and outstanding achievements in the fields of industry and trade, Sitki Davut Kocman, which attaches great importance to the field of education, has built schools, hospitals, health centers and similar institutions in many provinces and districts of our country, starting from 1932 Service; Most importantly, he has ensured that many young people have completed their university and abroad education with a silent-sedation scholarship.

Meanwhile, the patronage of Mugla Sitki Kocman University, Sitki Davut Kocman, 1999 years from June to date, 2003 years in the price of public works, when converted to a total of 53.328.786.000.000.-TL 80,000 m² in excess of spending Closed-area construction.

In the battle of the stability of the “State Supreme Service Medal” by the decree of “the Stability Medal” by the Father Ali Kemâl Kocman and the Council of Ministers on 18 May 2000 date and 2000/762 decision on the mission of Amasya Gendarmerie command Sitki Davut Kocman, who was awarded and given the title of “Fahrî doctor (Dr. h.c.)” With the decision of the Senate of Mugla Sitki Kocman University of 01.08.2000 dated and 183, speaks fluent French, good German and English.

We commemorate him once again with mercy.