What is Muyap?

Muyap is a group of students founded in 2015, Muyapı Kocman University, Turkey. Since its inception, seminars, documentary screenings, conferences, social responsibility projects, technical trips and many events have taken place among the prestigious communities of our university and Turkey.


Muyap is open to innovation and development, agrees with goals, mutual respect and love, with individuals who are conscious of social responsibility; aims to help develop the construction sector, to create awareness around the national social responsibility projects undertaken and to contribute to the development of university students.


In addition, Muyap aims to; To instill teamwork and task awareness, to develop the professional and leadership abilities of students, to educate individuals who are socially and self-expressive and to be organized, conferences and seminars on civil engineering To organize, organize trips, to follow innovations in the field of civil engineering, to provide students, to participate in conferences organized in our country and in the world.

in other words;

Imagine a community that tries to instill awareness of the "community" to the Civil Engineering Department of Mugla Sitki Kocman University, the students have learned that everything is not just about the courses, seminars, technical trips and To help people and the environment with social responsibility projects, aiming to be more conscious of the sector with courses, and trying to create awareness, "unity, togetherness and teaming" The Spirit of the mind, and only within 6 months…

In a short period of time, it is a community that brings together very good friendships from almost every city, combining quality entertainment and education in its work in just 6 months.

We will have more beautiful activities, projects, trips and entertainment, and no doubt.

Unity is the short name of togetherness and friendship Muyap..

We're a big family growing up every day…