What is IMTB?

The Association of Civil Engineering Student communities, with its short name, the primary mission of IMTB is to create a network of local nationalities. As a simple yet effective civil society organization of each active student community, it is only possible to become institutionalized and create an increasingly expanding formation of the domain, without regard to the separation of the students, in 2008, 13 It was established with the unanimous vote of the building clubs active at different universities. In 2015, 35 different universities have become IMTB members and this number is increasing every year.

IMTB Events

Timöb (Turkish Civil engineering students meeting)

On all sides of the dormitory and in the fledgling civil Engineering, the engineering candidates who are taking undergraduate and graduate education will allow them to mingle and meet with the sector. Each year, while processing a different theme, its purpose is to ensure that engineering consciousness is seated and to facilitate the pursuit of recent developments.

Material Festival

The Material festival is an organization that enables students to organise all the conferences and panels as well as the students from every province and TRNC in Turkey.

The University of the material festival is decided by the unanimous vote in the General Assembly of the IMTB.

Strategic planning Meeting (SPT)
  • It is the meeting and production of future projects.
  • General Assembly.
  • It is hosted by an IMTB community in February of each year.
Summer Workshop
  • The start of the IMTB activity calendar
  • A meeting where the work groups and routing board selections are renewed
  • It is hosted by an IMTB community in October every year