Mugla Sitki Kocman University was founded on 1992. Our university has participated in the Faculty of science-literature, aquaculture, technical education, economics and Administrative Sciences, institutes of Science and Social sciences, tourism management and hospitality school. The first higher education units in Mugla were established in 1975, depending on the Ankara Economic and Commercial Sciences Academy, and in 1982 the Mugla Management School, which was connected to the Dokuz Eylul University in 1989 with the nine September Mugla Vocational School which is established depending on the university. With the establishment of our university, Mugla Vocational School of Economics and Administrative Sciences faculty, Mugla School of business is connected to our university. With two active faculties and two vocational schools of 1993 years, the academic year was the first students of our school.  Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Vocational School of Health Services in 1993, the Institute of Science and Social Sciences in 1994, Ula Ali Kocman Vocational School and Ortaca Vocational School in 1994, Milas Sitki Kocman Vocational School School of Physical Education and Sports in 1995, Mugla Health School, Marmaris Health School and Technical Education faculty in 1997, Fethiye Ali Sitki Mefharet Kocman Vocational School in 1998, Dalaman Vocational

School in 1999, Faculty of Education and Tourism and hotel Management School in 2001 year, Fethiye Health School in 2002, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Fisheries and Vocational School of Yatagan in 2004, Faculty of Engineering Datça Kazım Yilmaz Vocational School in 2006, Education Sciences Institute in 2010, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Science, Technology faculty and Köyceğiz Vocational School in 2011, Institute of Health Sciences, Bodrum maritime Vocational School and Icmeler Tourism Vocational School received their first students in 2012. Sitki Kocman School of Foreign languages started training in 2005 years.

Faculty of Architecture, Fethiye Faculty of Management, Faculty of Theology and Dalaman civil Aviation Vocational school have been established but education and training activities have not yet begun.

Since its inception, Mugla Sitki Kocman University has been aiming to contribute to the socio-cultural, scientific and technological development of our country, to provide high quality higher education and research. The development of a systematic and comprehensive training program requires an adequate infrastructure, moving with the idea that Mugla Sitki Kocman University initiated a rapid development and investment project in 1994. This effort of our university has been supported by the generous financial contributions of the Hamisi Kı Kocman of our school.

When it was established to provide a reliable education in the fields of social sciences, science, educational sciences, arts and humanities and vocational education, Mugla Sitki Kocman University had only one section, 1,128 students and three programmes. Mugla Sitki Kocman University today, with 13 faculties, 4 institutes, 6 colleges, 13 vocational schools, 18 research and application centres, over 30,000 students, over 208,000 square meters of closed area, more than 1000 academic staff and nearly 800 administrative is proud to be a young but rapidly evolving university serving with its staff.