Virtual reality in the construction sector

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is called environments that are simulated by computers. Most virtual reality environments consist of visual experiences acquired through a computer screen. In addition, some environments take advantage of other senses, such as hearing and movement.

Virtual reality in the construction sector

Speaking of virtual reality technology, we said the user's interaction with the virtual world. From here on, you can imagine that the development of this technology, as in all other sectors, is the perfect thing to do in the field of construction. Before we begin to imagine, let's examine the use of this technology in our sector. I want to put another short concept together: augmented reality. He entered Turkish in terms such as "extended reality" or "enriched reality". It is the version of virtual reality and is used in the construction industry and will have an important place in the future. With virtual reality solutions in the construction sector, we are now able to put a building in the project stage, virtual reality glasses With virtual reality technology, we are able to build it in the virtual world without a structure. We are able to test the human-equipment-structure interaction in a 3d virtual world.


this application; It means that time, loss of money and all other risks are reduced to zero. While solving a detail, designing a building element, assembling it, using a work machine, etc., each stage of construction can be rehearsed in the virtual world. " Can this profile be assembled here? Does this machine get in here? Does the pump grow here? "Simple examples of questions that come to mind, all phases from design to assembly can be tested in the virtual world. Project teams will be able to realize all the impropriety before moving on to the real design in the designed virtual world. Manufacturing teams will be able to produce more accurate productions in real life and to see and fix problems in advance thanks to the tests made in the virtual environment prior to manufacturing. Customers will be able to visit the virtual version of the structure before the construction, and will be able to see the final version at the beginning of the structure.

Augmented reality

Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality integrates into the digital world without tearing us apart from the real world. This gives a serious advantage in interactive presentations. Augmented reality is not yet fully behind the computer power, but in some applications it is not as capable of virtual reality, but with the advantage that it captures with real-world integration, it gives an advantage to a range of unique opportunities. For example With its originality, interaction, functionality and impressively, augmented reality provides very serious advantages for architectural and construction sectors. The augmented reality app, which uses the camera of tablets and smartphones to enrich the actual images reflected on the screen through virtual reality, brings the real world and the virtual world together to make users an interactive Experience. The augmented reality technology, where communication technologies specialists are also consensus today, is known as the latest mass information and communication platform following the mobile platform. Augmented reality; is considered as the latest trend of technology and is often voiced by experts who will not stop developing. Augmented reality technology, which is implemented through custom software applications on tablets and smartphones, shows the desired visuals, videos and materials with more real and all the sizes. The images and videos that were previously defined with the camera are presented to the user's knowledge of the project.


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